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The passage of people or items in ISO6 or higher class rooms requires activating a device to “clean” whatever is in transit before it enters the cleanroom, removing all contaminating particles from the people’s clothing and the surfaces of the materials. This is an effective substitute for the intermediate changing rooms, drastically reducing personnel unproductive time.
The air shower acts by directing high-speed filtered air jets at 25 m/second onto the surfaces being decontaminated.
On impact, the air detaches and lifts the particles which float in the air and are continuously carried to the intake sections where they are then eliminated.

The air shower is an independent unit that does not interfere with the cleanroom equipment, and is positioned so as to intercept the transit area. The cabin structure has no frame and is formed of double wall self-supporting panels in painted plate or AISI 304 stainless steel, with perfectly smooth inner surfaces, complete with two anodised aluminium hinged doors with a tempered or stratified glass window.
Led lighting from ceiling fitted sources.

Ventilation is given by an original MUM centrifugal axial-flow fan, which can directly feed the final HEPA 113 filter and reduces the overall vertical volume, which makes the transport and use of the unit much easier, and which can therefore be delivered completely assembled.
Individually adjustable nozzles on the ceiling and in the corners between the vertical sides direct the high-speed air jets at intercrossing trajectories.
The intake section for this moved air is at the bottom with grids in the walls, or in the perforated and raised floor.
Two G4 filter sections are positioned in the side ducts, which are accessed through flush doors.

A complete command and control unit with PLC manages:
• The transit method beginning from the request signal from the buttons on the 2 external traffic light panels or from the internal emergency button.
• The cleaning cycle, with internal display of the time that passes until exit is allowed.
• The process airflow regulation with the inverted piloted by a dynamic pressure signal.
• The state of wear of the filter and the alarm.
The air shower is normally regulated to maintain a negative pressure inside.