Purely Air Treatment

MITEC offers its staff of designers to create solutions specifically studied and able to satisfy the most stringent requirements

La divisione Filtrazione si occupa della progettazione e dello sviluppo di apparecchiature ed impianti dedicati all’abbattimento di ogni tipo di inquinante aerodisperso nell’ambiente industriale e professionale.

Autonomous equipment

Exclusively designed for interior use, they are ideal for all the sectors that are affected from air filtration and represent the best exploitation of the technological qualities for the equipment we produce.

The society, founded in 1980 by two engineers, expert designers of systems for the air treatment, initially it developed its activity in the plants, purchasing the components from the market. The most greater specialization reached and the increasing difficulties in to find suitable components they forced MITEC in 1984 to build the equipments and components. To the purpose a special section of planning and a was created.