Purely Air Treatment

MITEC offers its staff of designers to create solutions specifically studied and able to satisfy the most stringent requirements

This product is ideal for these business:

  • FOOD
  • LAB

Where is not possible to furnish modular systems for logistic difficulty or particular applications of process, aesthetics and energetic saving, the MITEC planners create solutions specifically studied and able to satisfy the most urgent requisite.

• The ideal solution to create antiseptic environments inside rooms that are not very high (photo 1).
It involves fixing the walls and suspended ceiling, which is equipped with delivery diffusers and lighting systems, by using connecting rods anchored to the room structure.
The heavy and bulky air conditioning equipment is placed on the ground or special floors.

• A solution with a metal structure for large spaces with a grid or solid core completely self-supporting geometry (room in room). It is dimensioned to support the weight of the thermal-treating and propulsion units with considerable logistics advantages. Double parallel walls, spaced from each other, delimitate continuous chambers for air intake that can be set at floor or wall level, with the metal supporting structure fitted, and therefore hidden, inside these walls (photo 2).

The protected operations area is delimited by composite panels to aid cleaning and disinfecting, with perfectly coplanar surfaces, low particle emission and scuff proof. The covering materials are suitable to the requisites of the production process. The accesses control reduces the risk of cross contamination, allowing diversified management of the product and personnel flows.
The choice of reduced and rounded off profiles for the fixtures, beam covers, sanitary profiles linking the walls and the floor covering guarantees the required cleanliness levels and eliminates the accumulation of dust and microorganisms.

Environments where a tolerance of + 0.5°K with respect to the set-point, with oscillation periods greater than 2 hours and thermal gradient in the operations chamber inferior to 0.1°K/m (ISO 17025 standard for SIT laboratories) or 25% relative humidity with 18°C and with tolerance of +2%, need coherent systems that are dimensioned with very specific knowledge of these phenomena.
The MTC air conditioning units are generated from a project addressed for use in processing plants.
They meet special requirements as regards: silent running, structural and mechanical strength, access to all elements with internal logistics suitable for the operations being performed, possibility of splitting the components with operating functions, complete cleaning.

In controlled contamination systems, filtration largely helps to reach the desired aim, because it influences the result in two ways: directly, in separating the particles from the fluid flow; indirectly, because the filter status acts on the airflow and consequently on the dilution of the total particles.
An increase of the filtering surface with respect to the nominal, which is just sufficient, means less power is required, or a longer operating life with the same power. The modular cases for standard filters in the MCF series are fitted in-line in delivery or intake circuits.
The cases for filtering terminals in the MTF series, which can be fitted on the ceiling or wall, are suitable for laminar or turbulent flow systems.

Automatic regulation of the overpressure: it maintains the programmed degree of overpressure in the protected environments as the intake airflow rate varies.
Automatic regulation of inlet flow rate: it maintains the programmed inlet flow rate in the protected environment as the plant pressure drop varies.
Automatic regulation of temperature and humidity: it maintains the programmed internal temperature and humidity parameters as the external conditions change. The displacement of the real temperature and humidity parameters from the desired ones is adjusted to the production process.
Filter wear check: continuous monitoring apparatus of any blockages in each filtration section in the systems.
Systems are available for monitoring and recording the above functional parameters.