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This device protects the product from ambient contamination and, at the same time, prevents aerial dispersion of the dust during the process.
This is an independent safety appliance which can be installed anywhere, and is mainly formed of a boundary structure in which a laminar filtered airflow is formed, produced by the MTF AUT filter fan units on the ceiling.
The airflow covers the zone where the dust is dispersed and then carries it to the MRF filter intake section on the wall, in front of the operator. The dust is prevented from travelling outside the boundary structure, maintaining a negative pressure inside it with a differential of 15% between the delivery and the intake air, in favour of the latter. This is automatically filtered with the special HEPA H13 cell and carried outside of the DOWN CROSS.

The command and control unit uses power modules that control the MTF AUT units and the automatic IR Ni delivery regulation system, which adjusts the motor performance to the filter pressure drops.
The state of wear of the filter sections on board is monitored by a measuring station with precision dial pressure gauges.

This modular system partly uses the soft cleanrooms components, and is basically formed of:
• Hanging modules that form the conveyor plenum of the process air intake with the MTF 48/24 AUT H14 units and lighting apparatus.
• Wall modules that form the vertical plenum of the process air intake, with standardised MRF 24/24 sections, with 2-stage filter apparatus, G4-F9, and inspection door with grid.
• Perforated diffusers.
• Corner columns to support the hanging modules.
• Flexible or rigid side boundary walls.
• Front wall with flexible fixed barrier or sliding panels.
All the visible metal components are in AISI 3004 or 316 stainless steel.