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Self-contained high efficiency equipments for extraction and elimination of oily mists and steams produced by the operation of machine tools using coolants and by any other industrial process.

The unit is to be positioned near or on the machine it must deal with, and is connected with this machine by means of a hose. The depurated aeriform fluid can simply be recirculated in the environment or ducted outside.
The 3 stage filtering unit, which is the heart of the machine, acts on the particles by exploiting the effect of inertia, collision, cohesion and sieve for:

• separation of drops already formed,
• agglomeration through coalescence of mists into drops and
• separation of very small liquid particles and dusts still entrained.

The efficiency of the most efficient stage reaches EU 9. The first two treatment stages, which make up the inertial and coalescence action system, are practically self-cleaning, since the effective draining of separated liquids automatically generates the filters.
The equipment has a long autonomy of operation that is only conditioned by the presence in the extracted liquid flow of solid particles of smallest dimensions that are separated by the 3th stage safety filter, generously sized. Maintenance is performed without disconnecting the equipment body from the served machine tool or get off components, trough the large counter that introduces in a clean zone.
The separated liquid can constantly flow back into the machine. The impeller extractor, through which only filtered air flows, vibration free because it is not unbalanced by eventual rests deposit, is of the high performance close type that ensures lower power engagement and increased noiselessness.