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Obtained by joining the filtering module to the chamber defining the working volume, they are made in fully modular epoxy coated fabricated sheet metal panels, pre-painted on sendzimir or stainless steel support.
The work chamber with perfectly flush-fit walls to aid cleaning can be supplied with variable depth according to user requirements. In the filtering module the cartridge separating elements are arranged on a vertical axis with the flow of dust moving in a crosswise direction.

The filtering cartridges used feature exclusive characteristics with respect to other types on the market, i.e. compact diameter (only 145 mm) and low fold profile facilitating outflow and discharge of the separated particles. The cartridges are screened from the direct impact of the particles by a diaphragm with suitably sized holes which acts as an intake section and pre-separator. Filtration efficiency: 99% for sizes of particles > 0.001 mm.

The automatic cleaning system which uses a reverse current compressed air jet is controlled by a sequential programmer linked to a pressure probe which enables the cycle only when necessary in order to maintain the pressure losses within the design limits. The system does not require stoppage of the extraction unit.

All the pneumatic cleaning equipment components form part of a pre-assembled system provided with dust protection cover.
The separated particles are collected in large collection trays fitted in guideways moving on wheels.