This product is ideal for these business:


Equipments for the containment and the aspiration of the painting overspray,
with multistage filtering system.
These units feature progressive efficiency multi-stage filtering without on-board self-cleaning device and can operate independently or be included in central extraction systems.
Depending on the filters fitted, they are suitable for use with dispersed dust and paint overspray.

The MCP and MCB booths feature a sturdy structure consisting of bolted self-supporting modules and can also be supplied in assembly kits.
The panels are made of painted sheet metal, pre-painted onsendzimir or stainless steel support. The 2 or 3 stage filtering section consists of
standard modules with dimensions corresponding to international regulations to ensure availability of spare parts.

The sections treat lower fl ow rates with respect to the rated capacity of each filtering medium, thus reducing maintenance operations,
and the filtering elements are fitted in standardized housings for quick replacement.