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Units compact, dependable and complete, designed to eliminate dust produced by fixed or mobile sources.
The filtering stadium, the heart of the machine, consists of cartridge shaped elements of high efficiency; the units can be used in mobile version with ambient recirculation of filtered air and, more generally, for the treatment of air containing dust which, by law, can be emitted from chimneys only in very limited percentages.

• Articulated range of 5 constructive models and more versions, different for equipment.
• The polluted air radially enters into the entry and presepara- tion room and reaches the fi lters slowly, in equicurrent with the dusts fall.
• Filtering apparatus with elevated separation, 99% of the 0.5 microns particles.
• The cleaning of the cartridges from the dust accumulated during the operation happens injecting in countercurrent a throw of compressed air, disbursed by special system of distribution, alternatively into the different groups of elements. A special key activates the cleaning system so that the differential pressure remain within the projet limits contem- porarily avoiding useless stresses to the fi ltering media. In special applications it is available the automatic selfcleaning apparatus with electronic control, enslaved to a probe of differential pressure
• Propeller integrated in the body, elastically suspended, with closed centrifugal fan with high performance.
• Electric board with thermal protector.