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KOMBI is a polyfunctional self-contained and very compact air filtering unit, fitted out with the exhauster and silencer, ready for working and suitable for treating dust-charged gaseous, aerosol, vapours and gas, separately or mixed. The sectors where people make use of it and the generous oversizing do not need an automatic cleaning apparatus on board.

The filtering elements are periodically and easily regenerated by simply taking down them.
Only the last stage of filters has to be replaced. In order to make the maintenance easier and fasted, the KOMBI units are provided with standard filtering elements placed in a fast-clutch housing which may be reached through manholes with hinged doors.

The very favourable ratio between the power, given by the exhauster and the power dissipated initially, guarantees long working autonomy also in the heavy duty. Feelers of differential pressure and warning lights, show exactly the time for filters cleaning or replacing at different stages.
The differential pressure-gauge keeps the system under control continuously. The exhausting groups, elastically supported, use centrifugal impellers with higt efficiency backwards curved blades, directly coupled to the motor.

All KOMBI models are fitted out with the silencer at the exhaust disigned for installation on board. It is a matter of an absorbtive flutter dumper with an acoustic trap. It may be equipped with a high section diffuser when the expulsion is not canalized.