Purely Air Treatment

MITEC offers its staff of designers to create solutions specifically studied and able to satisfy the most stringent requirements

The new Mitec solution, Flexwalls Cleanroom Kit is a further evolution of confinement structures for controlled contamination systems, aimed at facilitating on-site assembly without the use of special equipment or specialized personnel. This makes installation possible even in rooms which are not particularly accessible to traditional structures.

The proposed system allows for disassembly, reassembly, expansion, reconfiguration and enhancement of air treatment, further enhancing the modularity and flexibility features that are typical of the MITEC production.

Flexwalls Clenanroom Kit is based on assembling equal portions that can be joined together until the desired dimensions are reached.

The parts which make up the Flexwalls Clenanroom Kit system are:

It offers a remarkable overall aesthetic effect, given the technological design, with an enviable brightness that reduces the isolation factor of the operators. It guarantees finishes and performances for the most demanding sectors. Flexwall Cleanroom Kit can be an effective and a very convenient solution to satisfy the request of contamination controlled systems for activities that don’t traditionally use them because they can be implemented very quickly with costs which are less demanding and give you maximum system flexibility.

Dimensional data

  • Base module dimensions: 1250 mm, 1100 mm infill
  • Available heights (useable / bulk): 2200 / 2650mm, 2500 / 2950mm, 2700, 3150mm; + 300mm with climatization module
  • Maximum dimensions achievable on the short side = useable 5 x1250mm, overall dimensions x1250 mm + 150mm
  • Maximum dimensions achievable on the long side = useable n x1250mm, overall dimensions n x1250 mm + 150mm


  • decking floor covering with single sheet, self-laying PVC
  • automatic scope control with DPC 32 SPi / N system
  • Air conditioning
  • control station for detecting different pressure between rooms
  • internal partitions made with a wall module, to obtain SAS or other rooms necessary for the production process
  • interlock for 2 doors or more
  • passbox (static or fluxed)
  • MDA3000 air shower