This product is ideal for these business:

  • FOOD
  • LAB

Device to install on the transit section between 2 different contamination class rooms, to prevent dust particles travelling from the dirty to the clean zone.
The difference in cleanliness between the rooms and the direction of the material flow being transferred affect the appliance configuration.
Made with a double wall, with painted plate or AISI 304 or 316 panels, the passbox has perfectly continuous inside surfaces. On request, extractable shelves can be supplied.

The hinged doors have a transparent panel running the entire height in polycarbonate or safety glass fitted in a metal frame.
They can be treated with anti-radiation finish if required.
The doors have magnetic or electromechanical closing.

For large transit sections, vertical roller doors are available, semi-rigid or flexible.
On request, lighting is from sources in the walls and ceiling, with led or fluorescent lamps.
A command and control module manages and monitors the system, beginning with the transit request signal.

The MPSB device is a wall pass tunnel, which can be easily installed in the structural modules, intercepted at the two ends by doors, which are activated individually by the operators or managed by an electromechanical timer interlock. There is two-way transfer for reasonably clean materials and for rooms with cleanliness class lower than or equal to ISO7.

The MPSB AUT ventilated passbox is used for one-way transfer of the materials in ISO6 or higher cleanrooms. It is equipped with an independent filter ventilation unit, which works continuously or by timer and creates a laminar flow in the tunnel that rapidly reinstates the same cleanliness conditions as the higher classified cleanroom. If there is a two-way material flow, and it is clean on entrance to the cleanroom but contaminated by microorganisms, the ventilated passbox is equipped with ultraviolet radiation sources. The transfer methods are subject to activating a program that coordinates the cleaning time with the door opening time.