Clean rooms for the biomedical industry: what they are and our solutions

Biomedical cleanrooms are one of the most important tools used by companies operating, as you read from the title, in the biomedical sector. They are a leading tool in the transformation or processing of a raw material into a finished product.

In this article, in addition to telling you what biomedical cleanrooms are, we would like to tell you why they are important and what solutions we have developed.

But before we begin, here's who we are.

With over 40 years of experience in the sector, MiTEC srl creates customized and cutting-edge industrial solutions for air treatment, from the construction of cleanrooms to the design of air filtration units.

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Biomedical clean rooms: what they are

Biomedical cleanrooms are a solution to the challenge that biomedical industries have to face every day: to protect their products from environmental contamination in the assembly and packaging process.

How to avoid all this?

Inside the biomedical clean rooms, thanks to a constant exchange of air, the possibilities of contamination decrease, creating a real controlled environment.

In summary, biomedical cleanrooms are real controlled contamination environments in which it is possible to preserve a specific product by protecting it from environmental contamination by airborne dust and the microorganisms it carries.

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Biomedical cleanrooms: our solutions

Our division that deals with the design, construction and assembly of clean rooms has the objective of creating a biomedical clean room system that adapts to the characteristics of your company.

Based on your needs, our team will develop a customized solution, making the most of not only our experience, but adapting new sector technologies to your production cycle.

Below are some of the biomedical cleanroom solutions from MiTEC srl.

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