Industry 4.0: the contribution of MiTEC srl

The National Industry 4.0 Plan, introduced by the Government, provides for a series of economic incentives and concessions with the aim of promoting the digital development of companies in Italy.

In a nutshell, the Industry 4.0 Plan aims to support companies in investments, in the digitization of production processes, in improving employee working conditions and in the conception and development phases of new products.

Industry 4.0 therefore brings with it values such as innovation, development and growth.

Since the birth of MiTEC srl, more than 40 years ago, we have strongly believed in the power of innovation, in the importance of technological development and in the need for continuous growth.

It is precisely for these reasons that we were among the very first companies in our sector to seize the opportunities offered by the National Industry 4.0 Plan.

The innovations we have brought to the sector

Incentives and concessions offered by the Industry 4.0 Plan have helped our customers acquire our cleanroom products.

Including the MiTEC srl Cleanroom system among the products that met the requirements of the Industry 4.0 Plan has brought and still brings numerous advantages, both in terms of the offer to our customers and in terms of our business.

Incentives and concessions have allowed us to perfect our products to offer our customers:

- High-tech products: we offer the installation of innovative and technologically advanced products.

- Products tailored to production environments: we offer products capable of continuously monitoring the quality of the operating environment in which the production process takes place.

The process variables dependent on the uncertainty of the environmental conditions are thus reset.

Furthermore, the Industry 4.0 Plan has allowed us to make financially sustainable investments.

This Government measure has allowed us to accept and try our hand at new challenges, otherwise economically unthinkable with normal financial instruments.

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The results we have achieved

Since 2018, more than 50 MiTEC srl projects have been included in the Industry 4.0 Plan.

We are proud of the fact that more than 40% of these projects have had an evolution with expansions or doubling of the systems. MiTEC srl itself has benefited significantly from the Plan, thanks to the increase in turnover, the hiring of new employees and the increase in knowledge and know-how.

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