Luna Rossa Prada Cup mitec

Cleanrooms are typically used in production or in scientific research, in the medical and food sectors, but not only.

Various industrial and craft sectors also need one or more cleanrooms, as a cleanroom is a controlled environment, with a low or zero level of pollutants such as dust, microbes in the air, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. All this can only help in the production of components and the like, where attention and precision for details are essential.

Cleanrooms allow to design and manufacture products and components in an environment where contamination is extremely controlled.

The technology of Mitec cleanrooms allows to work in every type of sector at the highest performance, responding to the most complete cleaning needs.

In fact, for years we have been supplying clean rooms in the world of composite materials to the major Italian players in the sector that produce components for the aerospace, racing world and design.

The Italian boat LUNA ROSSA, which won the PRADA CUP and fought well against the New Zealand team in the AMERICAN CUP, was also built by one of our prestigious customers, world leaders in the construction of yachts and composite products.