MiTEC srl: towards its first 40 years of activity

It was 1981 when we registered the name MiTEC and created our company.

In the next a few months, we look forward to officially celebrating the 40th anniversary of our company's birth.

An important anniversary which encapsulates years of innovations and personal sacrifices, investments and results; decades in which we have seen people come and go, we have developed partnerships, forged important connections and created relationships of trust.

Why are we so proud of the fact that we will soon celebrate 40 years of activity?

Because we are not only going to celebrate our company’s name, but we are going to commemorate the amazing things we have accomplished and the people who have contributed to our success.

We are going to celebrate our work ethic, our values, our mission.

It’s an opportunity to look back and take stock of everything we have done so far. Just a glance though, a momentary pause for reflection, because - as you know - we at MiTEC prefer to look forward.

And it’s with these feelings that wish you the best, waiting to officially celebrate forty years of activity.