Custom installations

Systems exclusively designed by MiTEC, which is also the manufacturer of much of the equipment, for the well-being of the operators and for the process.
Special technological solutions such as:

    • Those for metrology rooms where high precision control of the temperature trend is required


  • Those for climatic chambers in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where maximum and minimum humidity control is required.
  • Those for the surface treatment industry and chemical laboratories where a high fresh air flow rate combined with an extraction system is required.
  • .
  • Those for the microelectronics industry where vertical or horizontal laminar flow and very low particle contamination is required.

Product suitable for activities:.


Homeopathy, supplements, cosmetics




Electronics, microelectronics





- This solution is particularly suitable for creating aseptic rooms in rooms that are not very high (photo 1).
It involves fixing the vertical walls and suspending the ceiling, equipped with supply diffusers and lighting system, by means of tie rods anchored to the structure of the room. Air treatment equipment of considerable weight and volume is housed on the floor or on dedicated mezzanines.

- Solution involving a carpentry structure for large spans with reticular geometry or solid core, completely self-supporting (room in room), sized to support the weight of the heat treatment and propulsion units with considerable logistical advantages. Double walls, parallel and spaced between them, identify continuous chambers for air recovery, which can take place on the floor or on the wall, inside which the load-bearing steelwork is also positioned (which is thus masked) (photo2).


The protected operating volume is delimited by composite panels designed to facilitate cleaning or disinfection, with a perfectly coplanar surface, reduced particle size and abrasion resistance. The choice of materials is adapted to the requirements of the production process.
Access control reduces the risk of cross-contamination, allowing differentiated management of product and personnel flows.
Lowered and rounded profiles for window frames, beam covers, sanitary profiles connecting walls and floor coverings make it much easier to achieve the set cleaning objectives, eliminating accumulation points for dust and microorganisms.

Air conditioning

Systems exclusively designed by MITEC, which also manufactures most of the equipment, for the well-being of the operators and for the process.
There are also special technological solutions such as those for metrology rooms, where great precision is required in controlling temperature trends, or those for climatic cells in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where maximum and minimum humidity control is mainly required.
The technological limits that can be reached are
in time 0.4 °K per hour
in space 0.1°K per metre
minimum relative humidity 25% at 18°C; accuracy + 2%.


Filtration in contamination-controlled systems contributes largely to the achievement of the set objective, since the result is doubly conditioned by it: by direct effect, in the separation of particles from the fluid current, indirectly, because the state of the filters acts on the air flow in play and therefore on the dilution of the total particles.
An increase in the filtering surface area, compared to the barely sufficient nominal surface area, allows a lower power input or, at the same power, a longer operating life.
The modular filter housings of the MCF series are fitted in line in supply or return circuits. MTF series filter terminal housings, which can be ceiling or wall mounted, are suitable for laminar or turbulent flow systems.


Automatic adjustment of the degree of overpressure: maintains the programmed degree of overpressure in the protected rooms as the suction air flow rate varies.
Automatic regulation of the flow rate: maintains a constant flow rate of supply air as the system's pressure drop varies.
Automatic temperature and humidity control: maintains the programmed internal temperature and humidity parameters as external conditions change. The deviation of the actual temperature and humidity parameters from the desired ones is adapted to the production process.
Filter wear control: apparatus for continuous monitoring of the clogging status of each of the filter sections in the systems.
Systems are available for monitoring and recording the above functional parameters.