Downcross MCP FL

The device protects the product from environmental contamination and at the same time prevents the spread of airborne dust during the process.
It is an autonomous, safety equipment, which can be inserted in any context, essentially made up of a confinement structure inside which a filtered laminar flow air current is established, produced by MTF AUT filter-ventilating units placed on the ceiling.
This involves the area of the dust dispersion source and then directs itself together with the particles towards a filtered MRF recovery section, located on the wall, in front of the operator.
The migration of the dusts outside the confinement structure is prevented, keeping the same in non-positive pressure with a differential of 15% between the air flow of the supply and that of the return, in favour of the latter. This portion is independently filtered with a special HEPA H13 cell and conveyed outside the DOWN CROSS.
The control and management apparatus uses the power modules that control the MTF AUT units and the IR Nì automatic flow regulation system that adjusts the performance of the thrusters to the pressure drops of the filters.

The wear condition of all filter sections on board is monitored by a measuring station with precision dial gauges.
The system, which is modular, uses in part the components of the softcleanrooms and is essentially composed of
• hanging modules to form the plenum for conveying the process air in return with the MTF
• 48/24 AUT H14 units and the lighting equipment
• wall modules to form the vertical plenum for conveying the exhaust air of the process with the standardised sections
MRF 24/24 standardised sections, with 2-stage filtration equipment, G4 +F9 and inspection door with perforated
perforated grilles
• corner columns to support the hanging modules
• side containment walls of flexible or rigid type
• frontal frontal wall with fixed flexible barrier or with sliding shelves.
All visible metal components are made of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Product suitable for activities:


Homeopathy, supplements, cosmetics