DK filter units.

Compact, reliable and complete equipped to eliminate dust produced by fixed or mobile localized sources. Highly specialized units which, by interpreting the most recent techniques for the use of cartridge filtering elements. The mobile version governs the recirculation of filtered air in the environment and more generally the treatment of air containing dust for which a reduced release at the stack is authorized.

  • A range of 5 construction sizes and several models with diverse fittings.
  • Polluted air inlet in equicurrent with separate dust discharge.
  • Filtering device with very high separation efficiency, 99% of particles with a size of 0.5 microns Self-cleaning system.
  • On-board self-cleaning system, except for size 5, with manual or automatic electronic control, of the counter-current compressed air jet type with large capacity accumulation tank, rapid discharge shut-off valves and injection circuit Integrated suction unit.
  • Suction unit integrated in the machine body, elastically suspended, with high-efficiency closed centrifugal impeller.
  • Electrical panel with motor protection as standard.

Electrical control panel with motor protection as standard.

Suitable for: