Omk PF filter units.

A highly efficient self-contained unit for the extraction and abatement of mists and oily vapors originating from machining with cooled machine tools and from other industrial processes.

The unit is positioned close to or above the machine to be served, connected by flexible piping. The purified aeriform can be simply recirculated into the environment thanks to a very high filtration efficiency or channeled externally.
The 3-stage filtration apparatus, the heart of the machine, acts on the particles by exploiting the effects of inertia, collision, cohesion and sieving to obtain

• separation of the droplets already formed
• agglomeration of mists into droplets through coalescence
• the separation of very small particles of liquid and dust still entrained.

The efficiency of the filtering system allows 99% removal of particles with a size of 0.001 mm (EU 9).
The first two stages of treatment, which make up the inertial and coalescing action system, are practically self-cleaning, as the effective drainage of the separated liquids automatically regenerates the filters.
Maintenance, which is extremely reduced in terms of both time and cost, is carried out without dismantling any part of the equipment or disconnecting it from the users served.
The separated liquid flows continuously back into the machine of origin through the condensate discharge pipe.
The fan impeller, crossed only by the purified air, guarantees high performance with reduced installed power and silent operation.

Suitable for: