KOMBI filter units.

KOMBI units are versatile because they are made by assembling one or more modules in series, geometrically similar, each of which can be set up to make a specific contribution to the process for which the equipment is intended.

By exploiting repeated components, "customised", technically developed and cost-effective solutions are obtained. Each module consists of elements made of powder-coated carbon or sendzimir steel sheet, joined together with invisible screws. A large hinged door allows access to the inside where the filters are housed in special frames with frontal seal and quick fastening. The suction unit, contained in the elastically supported propeller module, uses centrifugal impellers with closed, high-efficiency backward-curved blades inserted in the special volute created in the machine body.

The head provided by the propeller allows more than adequate operation under normal conditions of use, and the very favourable ratio between the power made available by the fan and that initially dissipated ensures long operating autonomy even under the heaviest of conditions. KOMBI is complete with a silencer module that acts on the exhaust by means of an inverted flow absorption damper. A large section diffuser is provided for non-ducted discharge.
The sectors and methods of use for which the equipment is intended, together with the sizing of the filters, mean that an on-board self-cleaning apparatus is not required or economically feasible.

KOMBI is very efficient and carefully finished, so much so that it can also be installed for service in protected areas. The filtering cells installed are partly regenerable, after disassembly, (pre-filters and condensers) and partly eventually replaceable (final filters). All filters have characteristics that comply with international standards and are therefore also available on the open specialist market. KOMBI units can be equipped with a device for detecting and displaying the filter clogging limit, beyond which the rated flow is no longer guaranteed.

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