KOMBIMAT filter units.

Housing made of modular panels of folded carbon steel sheet with surface protection by epoxy powder coating in RAL 7032 or 9010 colour, joined together by internal bolts.
Cartridge shaped filter elements with high efficiency and long life non-woven synthetic fibre media. Small diameter, 145 mm, low pleat profile and good spacing, arrangement with vertical axis, without overlapping, facilitate the outflow and discharge of separated particles.

Cleaning system, of the counter-current compressed air impulse injection type, is fully automatic with electronic control.
The available impellers, closed with backward blades, allow the machine to be used downstream of high-speed circuits.
Silencer bonnet (for units equipped with suction unit), with aerodynamic circuit with flow inversion, able to ensure an effective attenuation of the noise emission without penalising the flow rate.

The polluted aeriform enters the inlet and preseparation chamber laterally and reaches the filters at low speed, in equicurrent with the dust fall.
The cartridges are cleaned of the dust accumulated during operation automatically and the unit does not need to be stopped; this is done by injecting a jet of compressed air, supplied by a special distribution system, alternately to the various groups of elements.

A 2-function electronic programmer, linked to a differential pressure probe, keeps the pressure drop within the design limits, while avoiding unnecessary stress to the filter media.

The separated particles flow into the lower hopper and collect in the quick-connect, easy-to-empty container with level indicator.
The filtered aeriform exits at the top through a large section diffuser.

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