The MTF system offers a range of absolute filtration and laminar flow diffusion units, equipped with its own fan and available in different solutions dedicated to the preparation of control systems for controlled or sterile contamination rooms and environments, according to the requirements of ISO 14644 and GMP standards.
MTF units are suitable both for single use to create small, protected areas or as decontamination units around operating machines forming a continuous ceiling, perfectly interpreting the concept of modularity. The MTF system range has in common, a specially designed propeller unit, constructed with a reversed blades centrifugal impeller made of aluminum, which are extremely light, silent and highly efficient, ensuring the lowest power output; 2 basic rotation speeds are available to provide adequate performance for all set-ups.


A made-to-measure module, the construction material, filtering apparatus and the propeller system includes:
• main body made of ABS, PE45 or AISI 304 aluminum alloy
• diffuser made of PE45 or AISI 304
• centrifugal drive with 0.1 or 0.25 kW motorization
• 1- to 3-stage filtration apparatus
• filtering terminal: H14 or U15 with mechanical or liquid seal


Suitable for:


Homeopathy, supplements, cosmetics




Electronics, microelectronics