Passa materiali MPSB

This apparatus is situated between 2 rooms of different contamination classes, to prevent the migration of particles from a more contaminated to a less contaminated area.
The cleaning differential between the rooms and the direction of flow of the materials to be transferred influence the configuration of the unit.

Made of double-walled, painted sheet metal or AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel panels, the pass box
The pass box has seamless internal surfaces. Removable shelves are available on request.
The hinged doors are fitted with a full-light transparent panel in polycarbonate or laminated safety glass with a metal frame.
with a metal frame. Treatment against the propagation of radiation is foreseen where necessary. Closure is by means of a magnetic or electromechanical device.

For large transit sections, up-and-down, roll-up, semi-rigid or flexible doors are available. Lighting, where required, is provided by wall and ceiling mounted LED or fluorescent sources. A command and control module manages and supervises the system starting from the transit request signal.

Suitable for:


Homeopathy, supplements, cosmetics




Electronics, microelectronics




Passabox static

The MPSB apparatus is a tunnel that passes through partitions, which can be easily inserted in the structural modules, intercepted at both ends by doors, which are not operated simultaneously, and which can be operated by staff or by a timed electromechanical interlocking device. The transfer is two-dimensional for sufficiently clean materials and involves rooms with a cleanliness class of less than or equal to ISO7.

Passabox ventiled

The MPSB AUT ventilated pass box is intended for the unidirectional transfer of materials, in ISO6 cleanrooms and higher. Its self-contained fan filter apparatus, running continuously or on a timer, creates a laminar flow inside the tunnel that quickly restores the same clean conditions as in the higher classified cleanroom. If the flow of materials is bi-directional and the materials entering the cleanroom are clean, but contaminated with micro-organisms, the ventilated pass box is also equipped with ultraviolet radiation sources. The mode of transfer is subject to the implementation of a program that matches the cleaning times with the opening of the doors.