MITEC produces equipment and systems for air conditioning and filtering in industrial processes where control of ambient conditions is essential for product quality and operator health or where compliance with environmental protection regulations is required.



  • Filtering units stand alone
  • Demisters, filters for dust or gas
  • Filtering stations on line, stations for prefiltering or ending filtration
  • Systems for cleanroom areas

Air Conditioning


  • axial and centrifugal ventilation units
  • air conditioning unit
  • heat exchange and recovery systems
  • laminar and turbulent flow diffusers
  • air conditioning systems for leavening, maturing, preservation and simulation cells
  • air conditioning systems for cleanrooms

Special uses


  • design and structural realization of cleanroom
  • propulsion and separation unit
  • continuous pneumatic transport at medium and low density
  • centralized pneumatic cleaning
  • silencers



  • aseptic environments
  • fixing of vertical walls
  • ceiling suspension
  • carpentry structure

MiTEC designs and produces state-of-the-art solutions.

Innovative products because they always answer positively to the necessities of the market: reliable solutions because fruit of a experience of thirty years in the the planning and construction.

For Mitec, “Made in Italy” it is a natural added value, a further guarantee of the quality of its products,: fruit of the research effected in the years and finalized to the best solutions for the air treatment in the working environments.

Quality from 1980

The society, founded in 1980 by two engineers, expert designers of systems for the air treatment, initially it developed its activity in the plants, purchasing the components from the market. The most greater specialization reached and the increasing difficulties in to find suitable components they forced MITEC in 1984 to build the equipments and components. To the purpose a special section of planning and a was created.