Air filtration: systems and installations

In Mitec srl the air filtration division deals with the planning and development of devices and installations designated for the abatement of any kind of air-dispersed pollutant in the industrial and professional environment.

From 1980 we make air filtration systems: the quality of our products is the result of a constant study with the goal of defining the best solutions for the cleaning and filtration of air.

If you are interested in making an air filtration system for your business, entrust in our team of experts, that will support through your choice of the solution that fits your needs best.

To create a healthy work environment, entrust in Mitec srl.

Air filtration: why is it important?

The systems and installations of air filtration are essential instruments for the air purification of the environment in which we live, study and work.

Thanks to the air filtration installments, you will be able to remove pollutants of any kind that are present in the air. Besides protecting your employees, it will allow you to preserve your product and the machines you use for your production. If you come from the industrial production field or from the research and healthcare field, Mitec srl, together with your experts team, through the years, has developed different solutions of air filtration that are extremely innovative both in technologies and management and maintenance terms.

Our air filtration systems

  • Molecular absorption Filters for gaseous pollutant, technology used by the range unity KOMBI, MCF
  • Panels and progressive efficiency Filters for the overspray of painting, technology used by the range unity KOMBI and MCB/MCP.
  • Demister Filters in sequence of panel Filters for oily fogs, technology used by the range unity KOMBI, OMK, MSF.
  • Cartridge Filters for dry powders, technology des by range unity KOMBIMAT, DK.
  • HEPA Filters for the total demolition and consequential possibility of recirculation in environment, technology used by range unity MCF, KOMBI, OMK, DK.