MSF prefiltration station.

Containers with MCP filter module with variable porosity for the separation of mists and aerosols, to be installed in centralized extraction systems, close to the emission source.
The condensate separated from the aeriform can be recovered, with continuous discharge directly into the working machine.
The use of MSF avoids the entrainment of liquid in the suction air pipes.

Robust, non-deformable, liquid-tight housing. Painted sheet metal or AISI 304 stainless steel execution.
Access to the inside by removing the lower cover, sealed on the seat with an inner tube gasket and secured by means of quick-release fasteners.
quick-release fasteners. Two-stage MCP filter cell with calibrated porosity, regenerable.
Cell front seal on rigid base with 4-point locking.
The cell can be replaced without disconnecting the pipes.

Suitable for: