ISOLA LAB is MiTEC's innovative solution for research centers, which redefines the concept of the Biosafety Laboratory, providing a flexible and out-of-the-box solution. ISOLA LAB is an evolution of the Flexwalls Cleanroom controlled-contamination containment structure assembly kit, designed for biocontainment in the research, hospital and pharmaceutical sectors. Aimed at facilitating assembly on site without the use of specialized equipment or expert personnel. Installation is possible even in rooms that are not particularly accessible for traditional controlled environment structures, the proposed system allows disassembly, reassembly and movement once assembled, further enhancing the characteristics of modularity and flexibility typical of MiTEC production.
Flexwalls Bioroom Kit is composed of equal portions to be joined together on site until the size of the desired confined environment is obtained.

Biological containment, up to BLS3 grade, is obtained by the study of an optimized layout that includes an entrance pre-chamber AIRLOCK, accessories for the exit of infected material or for interfacing equipment and process systems on the wall, a very low leakage confinement structure, a double barrier at the air inlet and outlet by means of HEPA filtration, a double HEPA filtering section at the exhaust for safety redundancy, an industrially designed self-ventilating extraction module for continuous use and high performance. A UVC stage sanitizes the dirt-side surface of the terminal HEPA filter.
The modularity of the ISOLA system allows the construction of complex modules for 2 or more stations up to the creation of full-size departments.