ISOLA COMPACT is MiTEC's innovative solution for dental surgeries and microsurgery clinics to protect personnel and patients from airborne infections during surgery. ISOLA COMPACT is an evolution of the Flexwalls Cleanroom controlled-contamination containment structure assembly kit, designed for biocontainment in the research, hospital and dental sectors.
Aimed at facilitating assembly on site without the use of specialized equipment or expert personnel. Installation is possible even in rooms that are not particularly accessible for traditional controlled environment structures, the proposed system allows disassembly, reassembly and movement once assembled, further enhancing the characteristics of modularity and flexibility typical of MiTEC production.
ISOLA COMPACT dynamically implements biological containment and protection of occupants by exploiting the air flows of the ventilation/decontamination system, appropriately treated and directed.
At the heart of the ISOLA COMPACT are the HEPA filtration and UV-C LED (no ozone) decontamination systems, which guarantee dual action to decontaminate the air that reaches the operator and patient. The contamination is diluted thanks to the generous flow rate of treated air and conveyed from the point where it is generated to the footage located below the working level; the contamination is removed from the operating volume in a very short time, in the order of 2/3 seconds, effectively eliminating the exposure of operators and patients.
A second system is located on the ceiling of ISOLA COMPACT to capture contaminants released locally at high speed from an aerosol during particularly critical operations; the capture system can be moved and oriented to bring the intake port as close as possible to the point of emission.