ISOLA TRIAGE is MiTEC's innovative solution for hospitals and public places such as schools, port and airport terminals to isolate a patient suspected of having an airborne infection. ISOLA TRIAGE is a further evolution of the Flexwalls Cleanroom controlled-contamination containment structure in kit form, designed for bio-containment in the hospital sector and specifically for TRIAGE areas or swab removal areas.
Aimed at facilitating on-site assembly without the need for special equipment or specialised personnel and making installation possible even in areas that are not particularly accessible for traditional structures, the proposed system allows for disassembly, reassembly, expansion, reconfiguration and upgrading of the air treatment, further enhancing the modularity and flexibility of MiTEC products.
ISOLA TRIAGE is based on the composition of equal portions to be joined together on site until the desired confined volume is achieved.
Biological containment is achieved with a very low leakage confinement structure, a double HEPA filter section in expulsion for safety redundancy, a UVC stage to sanitise the dirty side surface of the terminal HEPA filter, an industrial design self-ventilating extraction module for continuous use and high performance, and a range of accessories for the safe removal of infected material or sampling.


  • Modular load-bearing structure made from technological profiles joined together using concealed bolts, colour RAL9010.
  • Conductive/dissipative flexible wall module; can be sanitised with sterilising products in use.

  • Transparent flexible wall module in conductive/dissipative plastic material; can be sanitised with the sterilising products in use.
  • The ceiling module with transparent flexible panel in conductive/dissipative plastic material.

  • Transparent flexible ceiling module in conductive/dissipative plastic material; can be sanitised with the sterilising products in use.
  • Door module, consisting of an anodized aluminium frame with safety glass/plastic curtain wall in full light, designed for insertion on wall module, can be equipped with accessories for interlock; door passage size 1225x2200 mm.
  • Self-ventilating module with transparent flexible panel in conductive/dissipating plastic material; can be sanitized with sterilizing products in use.

  • Self-ventilating module MTF 2424 H14x2 UVC, stand-alone extraction unit for ceiling mounting, required to control the vacuum in the room.
  • Electrical system for the electrical system.

  • Electrical system of the prewired type with quick plugs including the electrical control panel and control via MODBUS protocol. All the typical functional parameters of the Bioroom, such as pressure and filter wear, can be monitored, controlled and remoteised.

Technical data

  • Exhaust filtration efficiency: H14 + H13
  • Flow rate of treated air: 400 mc/h +/-20%
  • Replacements per hour: 100 +/-20%
  • Diff. pressure Chamber-External: -20Pa +/-20%
  • Controls: diff. pressure, filter wear
  • Installed power: 0.3 kW
  • Power supply: 230V 1F 50Hz (CEE interlocked plug)
  • Sound level: <58 dB (A)
  • Total/useful dimensions: H1350/1250 x B 1350/1250 x H2650/2200 in mm
  • Certification: CE

ISOLA TRIAGE offers the advantage of an assembly kit, thanks to its technological design, with enviable brightness that reduces the isolation factor for operators, guaranteeing finishes and performance for the most demanding sectors. ISOLA TRIAGE can also be an effective and very convenient solution to meet the demand for containment systems in areas that cannot be equipped with traditional systems because they are too costly, inflexible and take too long to set up.


  • Floor covering in antistatic PVC monolayer, 2 mm thick
  • Lighting to ensure 500 Lux average
  • Glove wall module GLOVE WALL with double door material pass-through 300x300 mm
  • Sealed waste collector