LEAVES AUT is an absolute filtration and diffusion unit, equipped with its own fan, different in layout, dedicated to the preparation of areas and environments with controlled or sterile contamination, classifiable in accordance with ISO 14644 and GMP standards. It can also be used in outpatient clinics, dental offices, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, professional offices, teaching rooms.
The LEAVES AUT unit is suitable both for single use to create small protected areas or decontaminated volumes around operating machines, and in numerous examples to form a system, perfectly interpreting the concept of modularity.
The body is made of metal bent panels with anodized aluminum body work.
The propulsion unit of the LEAVES AUT unit is specially designed, made with a centrifugal impeller with backward blades in aluminum, very light, silent and with very high efficiency, such as to ensure the lowest power used.
The rotation speed of the engine is controlled by an inverter that can be manually adjusted through a special keyboard operator interface with display or, in multi-module systems, automatically with the creation of MOD BUS networks and remote interconnection according to INDUSTRIA 4.0 requirements.
Filtration is two-stage consisting of a prefilter placed at the air inlet and a HEPA H14 terminal filter certified according to EN1822.
Diffusion is achieved with a calibrated perforation diffuser for a differentiated horizontal throw, that is able to reach points up to 3 m away with a residual speed of 0.25 m / s but also points close to the equipment so as to have the better influence in the treated operative volume.
The unit can be equipped with a UVC sanitization system to treat environments where not only particle but also microbiological contamination must be controlled.

Technical Data

  • Model: LEAVES 4814 AUT ALZ F2 SM 14 100 I (UVC)
  • Dimensions: W 1195 x D 357 x H 430 in mm
  • Filtration stages: 2
  • Filtration efficiency: H14
  • Processed air flow: min300 max700 mc / h
  • Noise: min41 max 56 Db (A)
  • Power: 100 Watt
  • Power supply: 230V 1f 50Hz