Satelliti miniaturizzati

Satellites built in cleanrooms

The production of satellites is increasing more and more through the technologies related to the cleanrooms.
Just to give you an idea of ​​the scale of production, about 2,000 satellites built in cleanrooms will be launched into space in the current decade.

Government agencies, commercial organizations, research institutes and more will send an average of 300 satellites per year of about 50 kilograms each.

Cubesat and miniature satellites

These are small satellites, better known as cubesat or nanosat, whose production increase, almost to mass size, is helping to change the way satellites are designed and the technology that revolves around them.
These are fully configurable satellites even in orbit, able to adapt in terms of coverage, bandwidth, power, frequency configurability and even change its orbital position.
All this to ensure greater connectivity and networking opportunities for our technologies.

Contamination control

In these exceptional jewels of microtechnics, cleaning is essential, perfect control of environmental contamination is essential.
Particles, dust, debris, condensation or any residues that are deposited on a component can compromise the whole system or in any case weaken its performance, especially as regards lenses and other optical components. Even a single particle of dust, for example, can make a circuit unusable.
For this reason it has become essential to build them in the environment of a clean room, which acts as a filter, decontaminating and cleaning the environment and also stabilizing the air pressure.

Trends of the future

The increase in demand for this type of production is pushing more and more companies and organizations to consider this opportunity.
More demand for the construction of satellites in cleanrooms obviously means the possibility that the design and construction of cleanrooms can also be completely and positively changed in the future.

Cleanrooms Mitec already in the future

Today, like yesterday, like tomorrow, Mitec is ready to take up the challenges posed by the future, we are already operating in this sense.

The Italian private aerospace industry uses the vast majority of Mitec cleanrooms to assemble satellites and integrate sensors into them. The so-called cube-sat (miniature satellites), medium-large satellites, the same optical and electronic instruments used on board require to be treated in environments with extremely controlled microclimatic and contamination conditions that Mitec is able to ensure, even on large surfaces and heights up to 9 meters.